How Prepared is Your Organization to Mitigate Future Security Risks? 

Talon Secure Strategies International, LLC. (SSI) was formed in 2006 by former agents of the FBI, Secret Service and executive law enforcement to address Homeland Security issues and critical infrastructure. SSI was awarded top secret security clearances and the company has been engaged to conduct several government security projects. Agents of Secure Strategies International, LLC are counterterrorism experts as well as experts in security vulnerability risk assessments and emergency response planning.

In the aftermath of 9/11, SSI was created to address the need for critical infrastructure protection, as well as high-requirement corporate security consultation.  SSI’s principals and senior consultants are professionals from the law enforcement and intelligence communities with expertise in counter terrorism, explosives, and weapons of mass destruction.

Consulting and Investigation

Secure Strategies International, LLC (SSI) is a company designed to provide security solutions to Government Homeland Security projects and critical infrastructure. The principals have top Secret Security clearances.

SSI is comprised of professionals from the law enforcement and intelligence communities with expertise in terrorism, explosives, and weapons of mass destruction. SSI specializes in critical infrastructure protection, including water, power, and administrative facilities.

Terrorism and Explosive Specialists

SSI has expertise in terrorism from real-life experience: investigation and penetration of terrorist cells in the 1980s; planning security for such major events as the 1996 Olympics and the United Nations 50th Anniversary; and responding to tragic events such as the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

The principles of Secure Strategies are steeped with an unusual combination of terrorism expertise and in-depth knowledge of security. They bring this unique expertise to the conduct of security surveys and threat assessments. Their specialized expertise can help develop security programs, emergency response plans, and the design of security systems. They can provide training and develop written policy to support overall security.

Not a vendor of alarms, video or other hardware, Secure Strategies can help you select only the systems and hardware you really need.



Businesses and communities cannot afford to overlook their need for a complete emergency response plan or the need to test its effectiveness. The threat of terrorism has not diminished but rather intensified since 9/11, and those places where hundreds of people congregate in the U.S. have become primary targets.

Other intentional acts, such as workplace violence, cause major disruptions to companies and can transform the workplace into a crime scene, completely controlled by law enforcement, resulting in a shut down for days or even weeks. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires can strike at any time. The extent to which a company or community strategically prepares for the unspeakable becomes glaringly obvious when disaster arrives at their front door. Lives can be saved and businesses can be restored if the response is effective; if not, the results can be devastating.

TALON Examines Emergency Response to:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Terrorism
  • Violence In The Workplace
  • Malevolent Acts
  • SEMS / ICS Protocols
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Violence In The Workplace
  • Communications
  • Crisis Management Team
  • Equipment
  • Proprietary Information Systems

Businesses face the constant threat of terrorism, natural disasters (such as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes), and unexpected acts of violence that can erupt in the workplace. These threats require that businesses and organizations take a proactive approach to identify probable risks and vulnerabilities that may exist so exposure to these threats can be minimized and potential damage mitigated.

Trained and certified in Sandia Labs RAM-w, Talon’s team is ready to conduct threat assessments and develop remedial measures for water districts, identified as one of the nation’s critical infrastructures. However, Talon’s expertise is not limited to water districts. Our team is comprised of highly qualified experts in counter-terrorism, explosives, weapons of mass destruction and crisis management who have conducted vulnerability assessments in venues such as public transportation, healthcare, entertainment and major corporations.

Talon’s Security Risk Vulnerability Assessment Program:

• Conduct a Threat Assessment
• Identify Critical Assets
• Evaluate Consequences
• Quantify Risk Mitigation/Cost Analysis
• SEMS / ICS Protocols
• Make Specific Recommendations
• Implement Recommendations