Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Tune in to this week’s episode and learn about Executive Protection Security for high net-worth clients.

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Not All Thieves Are Stupid

Not All Thieves Are Stupid

Some people left their car in the long-term parking at San Jose while away, and someone broke into the car. Using the information on the car’s registration in the glove compartment, they drove the car to the people’s home in Pebble Beach and robbed it.

Now, as things finally start to ease back to “normal” a new type of plague is spreading: – cyber-attacks. 

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Cyber Security: Don’t Be a Sheep, Be a Lion

As a small or medium sized business (SMB), the last year has likely been a struggle to survive, with all hands focusing on reimagining operations in a pandemic world.As a small or medium sized business (SMB), the last year has likely been a struggle to survive, with...

Prop 24 CCPA – What Does This Mean For Your Business?

It may have been easy to overlook, but a significant change in California privacy law was approved on November 3rd that may mean much more scrutiny and risk for businesses, and stricter privacy regulations across the nation. Via Proposition 24, voters updated the...

Talon Team Members Speak At Global Security Exchange Plus 2020

Supported by Infragard, Talon's cybersecurity experts, Alex Sharpe and Gregory Wessel plan to speak alongside the world's top security industry leaders at the virtual 2020 Global Security Exchange Conference. Held September 21st through the 25th, the GSX+ conference...

YOU Are Even More Exposed in a Post COVID Cyber World

Three Things You Can Do Today Covid accelerated digital adoption and accelerated the rise of the remote worker. About 42% of the workforce is now working from home – up from 9% prior to Covid – that is almost a 500% increase. About 60% of remote workers report being...

Are You Prepared For A Cyber Winter?

While the idea of additional calamities in 2020 seems almost unimaginable, last week the head of Israel’s National Cyber Directorate made a chilling declaration: a cyber winter is coming. Yigal Unna made these comments after an Iranian attack in April that was...