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Talon Companies is a professional security and risk management firm, providing a full spectrum of security services to individuals, corporations and governmental entities. The Talon Companies is comprised of three distinct organizations offering the entire spectrum of professional security services that address risk, combat threats, and provides solutions to public and private sector clients in the 21st century.

Led by a team of world-class experts from government, the military, federal, state, and local law enforcement, Talon Companies has integrated its wide range of specialized and comprehensive security services to create a single source professional security services and consulting firm.

Talon Executive Services, Inc.



Founded in 1994 Talon Executive Services the first of the Talon Companies, is a security industry leader, delivering high-end Executive Protection and Investigation services throughout the Nation and the World.



Talon Cyber Tec, LLC.



A pioneer in blending physical and IT security, Talon Cyber Tec is unique in its mission to protect the crown jewels of any organization: their employees, their infrastructure and their proprietary data.



Secure Strategies International, LLC.



In the wake of 9/11, Secure Strategies International was created to address the need for counter-terrorism preparedness, critical infrastructure protection, as well as high-requirement corporate security consultation.








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  • Corporate Investigations

  • Emergency Response Planning

  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

  • Information Security

  • Background Investigation

  • Executive Protection

  • Undercover Operations

Talon Executive Services

Talon Cyber Tec

Secure Strategies Intl.

Talon has aligned itself with Strategic Business Partners who’s “best practices” in their respective areas of expertise, ranging from Human Resource Management to Security Equipment to Engineering.

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